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Created 11/17/98


Having practically been called an "old timer" twice in the same week, once by Dorethea Sanderson, West Coast Norfolk breeder, and once by Ed Plummer, East Coast Norfolk breeder, I've decided to take advantage of my (apparently) advancing years to reflect on some really positive changes I've seen relative to Norfolk activities.

It's been 26 years since I obtained my first Norfolk (then a Norwich DE) from Bobby Fournier. Back then, representatives of the breed were few and far between and, unless you decided to venture into the conformation ring, there were hardly any organized activities that included Norfolk participation. Mary Fine and Nancy Parker made a splash in the obedience ring, but for years they were the only ones consistently working Norfolks. There were occasional earthdog events ... my first Norfolk, Joshua, earned a first place award at the Meadowbrook Pony Club terrier trial on Long Island in the late 70's ... but any event of this nature was hard to come by.

When ANTA came along, things in the Norfolk world began looking up. The word "fun" was an accepted part of our vocabulary and we started basic earthdog training, introduced the sport of lure coursing to many, and have tried to foster interest in such activities as flat racing, agility, and fly ball, as well as encouraging participation in conformation and obedience competitions. And look at us now!

This issue of ANTIC shows just how much fun we can have with these game little terriers. We have word of dogs earning agility and obedience titles, we have conformation results from our match in Ohio, pictures of flat racing in New York, and news of many dogs competing in earthdog events. In addition, we have a rescue story with a heart-warming conclusion ... a little dog finding a wonderful home where he is a treasured companion.

Congratulations to all of you who have found more and more special ways to enjoy being owned by your Norfolks. Isn't life more fun when we live it with dogs?

Sheila Foran
ANTIC, September, 1998


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