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Posted 08/20/01

Editorial ...
The Time Has Come to Support Needed Research

Recently, Carol Falk and Nat Lamar sent a letter to Norfolk owners announcing their efforts to establish a breed donor advised fund with the Canine Health Foundation.

The reason for this action is an attempt to deal with the increasing incidence of mitral valve disease (MVD) in Norfolks. While it is unfortunate that two individuals – rather than the breed's parent club – felt compelled to take the initiative, their action is to be applauded.

For anyone who did not receive a letter, Falk and Lamar indicated that in order to establish a "Friends of Norfolk Health Research Fund", an initial sum of $2,000 must be raised. Once the fund is established, donations can be solicited and fundraisers conducted with the knowledge that all proceeds earned will go directly to this very specific donor-advised fund which will be maintained by the CHF.

Checks payable to the Canine Health Foundation should have "Friends of Norfolk Health" written in the memo portion. These tax-deductible contributions should be sent to Carol Falk, 13 Moulton Road, Peabody, MA 01960.

I propose that all Norfolk breeders consider sending a portion of the purchase price of each puppy sold to this cause. Whether you breed one litter a year or two litters, or more, designating 1% or 5% or even 10% of each puppy sale is an appropriate way of funding essential research into a very real problem. Stud dog owners should, likewise, consider donating a certain percentage of each stud fee to this cause.

I am not suggesting that breeders raise prices in order to cover donations. Instead, make a minor monetary sacrifice in a sincere effort to preserve the breed that you profess to care about so deeply. Keep those Norfolk hearts beating in dogs that should be living well into their teens.

Sheila Foran
ANTIC, June, 2001

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