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Posted 05/29/98


When young Liza Hadden obtained her first Norfolk, Rosie, (bred by Linda Plummer) a fast friendship was immediately forged. And, it seems that Rosie has confided in her new friend Liza the "truth" about Norfolk tails. We thank Liza for sharing the story with us.

Once upon a time all Norfolk Terriers had long tails. Then one day a little Norfolk Terrier was walking in the woods. He saw Catso, an alley cat in the woods. Catso was drinking some nice water. The little Norfolk Terrier was very thirsty. So she asked Catso for some water, "Can I have some water?" "Find your own," said Catso. "Where?" "Over by that lady's window." "Oh. How do I get in? You know I can't climb." "The dog door in the back." "All right." She trotted off to the back. She slipped in the dog door. Then she heard someone coming. So she hid under the table.

The lady came by and locked the dog door. As soon as the lady was gone, she saw a little bowl of water on the table. She jumped on a chair and got the water. Then she ran. A door was open, so she ran right through it. But the lady slammed the door on her tail. She was sad at one point and happy at one point. She was so upset about her tail that she put Miracle Grow on her tail every night!

And that is why, to this day, all Norfolk Terriers have stubby tails.

Liza Hadden
ANTIC, Summer, 1992

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