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Posted 12/18/97



Owner of Bitch:

DO Plan well in advance. Ask the stud owner in good time, preferably well before your bitch's season starts. Have a piece of white material in her bed so that you know exactly when her season starts. Phone the stud owner as soon as she comes in and fix the day to take her...usually between the 10th and 14th days.

DO Check with your vet about necessary boosters and when he/she likes to do them with a pregnant bitch. My vet believes in giving the necessary shots before she even comes in season. Also check about worming.

DON'T Arrive at the stud early or late.

DON'T Walk your bitch up the drive and into the house, leaving her scent for the delight of other dogs.

DO Try to exercise your bitch after the journey before you arrive at the stud.

Owner of Stud:

DO Be patient with the bitch's owner. Remember, what is routine to you is a new and maybe embarrassing business for them.

DO Make sure your stud is free of worms and parasites.

DON'T Leave the two dogs together unsupervised. Be sure to stand nearby long enough to make sure the two will tolerate each other and then near enough to see them have a successful tie.

DO Record date and time of each successful tie and give to owner of bitch. Keep these records as you may get a call from a frantic bitch owner when due date is near!


Gilean White
ANTIC, Autumn 1985


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