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Posted 12/18/97


I was recently asked, "I have a dog that I would like to use for stud, whom do I contact?" The answer is that there is no single person to contact. ANTA does not maintain a stud dog list but does from time to time publish pedigree and year books, in which one can advertise. (Updates will be announced in these pages when they are in the works.) However, there are some practical considerations that are of general interest and which I can address here.

First, is your dog a champion? If not, his appeal to breeders will be less. If he is primarily a pet, the time away from home to be shown to championship and promoted may be stressful and change him.

Next, consider the reasons a breeder would seek out a particular dog:

Notice that most reasons depend on the dog being promoted or advertised to the breed community at large. Thus, a dog that is shown to his championship and achieves Best of Breed, group placement or better will develop a better reputation than a dog with lesser success. Additionally, wins at prestige shows and promotion through advertising in dog fancy magazines will add to breeder awareness.

Now, view the situation from your perspective. Campaigning a dog and promoting it beyond your immediate circle of dog acquaintances is expensive and you cannot count on stud fees covering the expense. And interest in even a popular stud dog tends to be short-lived.

Are you ready for the responsibilities of the stud dog owner? Consider the following:

The decision to breed a dog or bitch should never be taken lightly. The purpose should be to improve the breed, by producing offspring that are better than one or both parents. It should not be that you simply want puppies. And this means you should have a breeding plan that respects genetic and practical realities. At the minimum, read chapters 5 & 6 of The Norfolk Terrier by Joan R. Read, available from the ANTA store.

If, after digesting all of the above, you want to offer your dog at stud, go for it.

Ed Plummer
ANTIC, March 1997


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