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Posted 06/13/10

Meet Our Secretary ~

Cathie Heimbach

Twenty-two years ago, with the help of the legendary Joan Read, I acquired my first Norfolk … and soon my second … and then shortly thereafter … the third. Over the years there have been seven litters of wonderful puppies. We kept three and imported Bridey from Sheila Foran. Currently there are five Norfolks and a German Shepherd in our home.

I have been a member of ANTA for over 20 years and have attended many Fall Festivals. These were the perfect venues to meet with and enjoy new and old friends … the owners of my now-grown Kilkenny puppies. For the past five years, I have made most of the arrangements for the Fall Festival. My husband, Lou, and I have traveled to Connecticut, New Jersey and Maryland for other ANTA events. I also spearheaded the Norfolk Terrier door mat promotion.

As recording secretary, I would like to see brief re-caps of the annual meeting and the board meetings published in ANTIC. It would, I think, give members not in attendance a better sense of what ANTA is doing and where it is headed. I will also continue to work diligently to see that ANTA remains a viable organization. I firmly believe that all events must have a warm and welcoming atmosphere. They should be the ideal places for old and new members to trade information, learn more about their dogs, participate in health clinics, enjoy matches, meet and greet other owners and … most of all … have lots of fun with our Norfolks.

Cathie Heimbach

ANTIC, March, 2009

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