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Posted 06/17/10

A Resounding Thanks to Jane Anderson from ANTA ...

ANTA wishes to extend thanks to long-time treasurer and manager of our club store, Jane Anderson, for her many years of outstanding service to the club. Jane and her husband Everett were founding members of ANTA and through the years they spent countless hours helping to make the club what it is today. Jane announced her decision to relinquish her duties as treasurer and club store manager to the Board in January. Her resignation was accepted and Sheila Foran has agreed to serve as interim treasurer, while Betsey Bliss has taken over duties with the club store.

Without the dedication, loyalty and hard work of people like Jane, clubs such as ours wouldn't exist.

We appreciate all that Jane has done for ANTA over the years, and wish her all the best in her 'retirement' from official club duties


ANTIC, March, 2010

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