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Created 11/17/98


In the past, ANTA presented a commemorative spoon to members whose dogs achieved AKC championships. The spoons were "sugar bowl" size and had a profile of a Norfolk across the end of the spoon handle. Unfortunately, when it came time to order more, we were faced with a number of concerns, not the least of which was that the spoon was no longer unique to ANTA.

I am pleased to announce that we now have a new award, and that it is a 6" Carsonware statesmetal decorative plate with the Club's full name around the rim and a Norfolk in relief in the field. It is quite striking.

Val Beckwith is in charge of distributing the awards and, by the time you read this, expects to have sent plates out to all deserving dogs on a list that she maintains. If you have a dog that has earned an AKC title (excluding CGC) in the last two years, were an ANTA member at the time your dog earned the award, and are currently a member in good standing, and have not heard from Val, you may contact her with the particulars of your dog's achievement.

Ed Plummer
, September, 1998


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