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Posted 08/03/98

Message from Ed Plummer ...
Behind The Scenes At The Spring Fling

As I write this column, we have just held the ANTA Spring Fling. The event went well with perfect weather and is reported elsewhere in this issue. However, I would like to take this opportunity to thank those who made it possible.

First, Linda and I want to thank all who came out and participated, either as entrants or spectators. From what I observed, everyone had a good time and that is what ANTA is about. One couple, seeking to learn more about our breed and on advice from Clive Davies, left home at first light just so they could see the dogs and still attend an afternoon wedding.

Next, I want to thank Richard Powell for judging conformation, Carl Schrader for conducting flat racing, Richard Reynolds for holding introduction to earthdog, Dave Berry for running the lure course, and Barb & Phil Ferro for agility. And young Travis DeFraites for tirelessly retrieving the flat-race fox tail. And my appreciation, also, to Jane and Everett Anderson, Carolyn and Wally Bishop, Ann Erricker, Andrew Kramer, Barbara Runquist and Faith Schrader.

Finally, I want to thank Barbara Ege who helped me get the site ready and Robert Ward, a spectator and would-be-Norfolk-owner, who graciously sent us copies of pictures that he took.

I have reflected upon the event and think you might like to know that ANTA events are NOT structured to be money raisers. Rather we strive for ANTA events to break even. But this is generally not possible considering printing, envelopes, postage, site charges, porta-potty, tent, tables, chairs, refreshments, ribbons, arm bands, trophies, judge's expenses, etc. Lunches and dinners are planned as self-financing and generally require pre-registration because the host must make commitments to the suppliers.

I comment on this not "to cry poor" but to point out that a lot goes on behind the scenes of an event and that we need your understanding that the event host(ess) plans the best event he (or she) can while juggling many considerations. And that there is a reason for pre-registration deadlines and that refunds cannot be granted for no-shows because the Club has already incurred expense.

On another note, I am pleased and amazed to report the ANTA home page on the internet has had 48,950 hits from last December thru May 2nd of this year, with peaks of nearly 900 per day following the Westminister KC show. One visitor can generate from a couple to a couple of dozen hits, but it is still a surprising amount of activity for our rare breed.

Ed Plummer
ANTIC, June, 1998

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