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Posted 02/22/98

A Message From The President ...

In ANTA we strive to have a good time with our Norfolks. However, each of us has his or her own idea of what makes for that good time and what we want the Club to be. Nevertheless, our goal is to satisfy everyone that we can. To that end, we have been working to build on our strengths and improve where possible, and I offer the following report:

Our newsletter is firmly on schedule. My thanks to all who have helped to make it the fine circular that it is. We appreciate all who have written articles but we can always use more submissions. We also ask that you consider sharing your dog-event pictures and anecdotes with us. (It is helpful if you can identify the dogs and their owners in any pictures.)

We now have an Event Organizer Checklist to help make our events even better. One new focus will be that event fliers will clearly indicate which activities will be formal competition and which will be for fun and practice. Every event may not offer the activities that each person may desire but entrants should be able to tell what the activities will be and at what level of seriousness.

As reported in the June ANTIC, the Spring Fling in Martinsburg, WV, was a great success and leaves us with a permanent go-to-ground facility. Thanks to Carolyn and Wally Bishop for their efforts and hospitality and to all who participated.

Out in Santa Fe, Bobby Fournier planned for everything except her own illness. Jane Anderson went out early and, with the help of Bobby's friend Jill and niece Holly, the show went on and was a phenomenal success. Everybody pitched in but especially Carol Falk, Tony Gabrielli, Wayne Palmer, Carl and Faith Schrader, and Linda Vaughn. Time and again, I have heard people praise the event and say what fun it was to see old friends and meet new ones from other parts of the country.

As I write this, Linda and I are anticipating our trip to Peterborough for Summer Sporting Days at the Beales' Twin Brooks Farm. We know it will be a great weekend; especially as we have a six month old puppy. Likewise, our Fall Festival and Annual Meeting will soon be upon us; in fact, you will find the flier enclosed with this issue of ANTIC.

Additionally, we are having an informal earthdog practice on Friday, September 19th, at the Bishops in Martinsburg, WV, in preparation for an AKC-licensed trial held by the local Scotty club on September 20-21. We will have contacted those who entered earthdog at the Spring Fling by the time you see this, so if you are interested, call me for details.

In conclusion, our Club is sound financially and we are striving to satisfy a variety of Norfolk interests. I invite your comments and suggestions.

Ed Plummer
ANTIC, September 1997


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