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Posted 02/17/05

Message From the President ...

By the time you all read this, the year will be almost over and ANTA's 2004 events will be just a happy memory of all the fun we've had. I would like to take this opportunity to thank some of the many people who have worked so hard over the past year to make these events come about.

Jane Anderson and her husband Everett organized the "Fun at the Fairgrounds" event that was held in Stonington, CT last August. Jane is our Treasurer and she also does a marvelous job with ANTA's Club Store continuing to find all those wonderful Norfolk items we all love to buy.

This year's Fall Festival was organized and run by Cathie Heimbach, assisted by Sheila Foran. Cathie came up with a wonderful new site in upstate New York and the weekend included lots of dogs, good food, great weather, and much fun for the many people who came with their dogs and others who came just to learn more about Norfolks. Peggy Metcalf and her "earthdog team" helped out at both the summer and fall events. Peggy got "down & dirty" teaching and encouraging Norfolks about the joys of going to earth.

Once again, Robert Lachman has served as our resident racing and lure coursing expert, while Victor Sattler continues to hone his skills as an auctioneer at the Fall Festival. Victor and Corrinne also contributed artwork and home made wine to the auction table.

There are many other people who make generous donations of their time, expertise and gifts to the club. Without these people ANTA would not be able to put on these events. If you have a site, ideas, or are willing to host an event, please let one of our Board members or me know that you would like to get more involved.

Hail to Richard Reynolds our newest Board member, and farewell to departing Board member Carolyn Bishop. Carolyn and her husband Wally have hosted numerous events for ANTA in West Virginia. Thank you, Carolyn, and enjoy retirement from your "official" ANTA duties.

As far as future plans are concerned, we are hoping to have several events this year including a Spring Fling in Maryland in April and a fun day in Florida in March. Also, we are already working on next year's Fall Festival that once again will be held at Thomas Bull Park in Montgomery, NY. Watch your mailbox for details on all events, and don't forget to check our website at

We also have plans for a new pedigree book later this year, so start getting your photos and pedigrees ready to submit. Again, watch your mail for details.

Last but not least, remember that we have for sale the 3rd edition of The Norfolk Terrier by Joan Read. This is truly the definitive book about our breed; details are available on our website.

Again, a great big thank you to the many people who help put our events together and best wishes for the New Year.

Judith Felton
ANTIC, December 2004

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