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Posted 10/24/00

Message From the President ...

ANTA Activities Are in Full Swing as Year Progresses

As I write this, the Midwest Match was just two weeks ago. Once again, the weather gods smiled on ANTA. Heavy rains moved through Russell, Ohio, on Friday but the welcome reception Friday evening experienced only occasional light rain and Saturday it was clear. The event was terrific with over 50 Norfolks and more than 100 people! Event reports appear elsewhere in this issue.

I want to thank Tony Gabrielli and Wayne Palmer for hosting another great event at their farm. Special appreciation goes to Peter & Linda Dowdle who came down from Canada on Tuesday and did whatever was needed for several days. Others, such as Victor Sattler & Corinne Folger, and Joan Eckert arrived Thursday and pitched in. Jane Anderson brought the ANTA Store all the way from Connecticut; Jeff Stout held Intro to Earthdog; Wayne Palmer with Peter Dowdle and Victor Sattler on the wheel ran flat racing; and David Miller assisted me with lure coursing. Others worked registration, stewarded, helped with the food, moving tents, etc. Thanks to all who helped and also to the entrants, many of whom came long distances.

ANTA 2000 Elections

This is an election year for ANTA. Board members are elected to four-year terms on a staggered schedule where half of the officers and directors stand for election every two years. No officer or board member may serve more than two consecutive terms in the same office.

As provided in our Bylaws, the Board appointed a Nominating Committee, consisting of Peggy Metcalf (chair), Joan Eckert and Vallie Beckwith. The Committee, in turn, developed the following slate, which Secretary Lori Pelletier announced to the membership in late July:

 Office  Name

 President  Judith Felton

 Secretary  Lori Pelletier

 Director  Carolyn Bishop

 Director  Robert Lachman

 Director  Wayne Palmer


The letter announcing the slate recapped the Bylaws procedure for additional nominations. If there are valid additional nominations, we will have a mail ballot in September, with the results counted at the Annual Meeting in October. If there are no valid additional nominations, the slate will be declared elected at the Annual Meeting. (Editor's Note: There were no additional nominations and the slate was declared elected at the Annual Meeting.)

Parting Words

This is an election year for ANTA. The Nominating Committee's slate has been mailed to the membership and the new officers will be installed at this year's Annual Meeting. At the same time, my four-year term as your president will come to an end. It has been both an honor and a pleasure to serve and I thank you for the opportunity.

I also want to thank the members of the Board whose help and cooperative spirit were invaluable. I would like to thank everyone who has supported the Club during my term, but the list is too long. However, I will mention those who hosted events: Jane Anderson, John & Pam Beale, Carolyn & Wally Bishop, Barbara & Phil Ferro, Sheila Foran, Tony Gabrielli and Wayne Palmer and, of course, the late Barbara Fournier. Thanks to all!

Ed Plummer
ANTIC, September, 2000


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