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Posted 10/23/00

Message From the President ...

I want to thank all who have submitted pedigrees for our Norfolk Pedigree Book 2000. As of this writing in mid-May, we have received 140 submissions with some still in the pipeline. This means that this year's book will be larger than the '95 edition and will likely exceed the '90 edition.

It is a huge project that instills new appreciation for all of the effort that goes into club projects. For many, just getting a suitable photograph is itself a substantial project. We all can imagine the work to compile the photos and pedigrees and prepare them for press but less obvious is the magnitude of record keeping, proofreading, and sundry other tasks involved in the final project. We collectively owe a debt of gratitude to all who have participated in or contributed to ANTA projects, large and small, over the years.

Ed Plummer
ANTIC, June, 2000


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