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Posted 02/20/02


Weight gain: Two-fold increase by 8-10 days
Body Temperature:
Weeks 1-2 94-99 F
Weeks 2-4 97-100 F
Water requirements: 2-3 oz. per pound per day
Caloric requirements: 60-100kcal per lb. per day
Newborn pups become hypoglycemic if not fed for 24 hours, especially toy breeds
Respiratory rates: 15-35 per minute
Sucking reflex: Usually strong at birth. Weak in physically immature, abnormal or chilled puppies.
Shivering reflex: Develops 6-8 days after birth
Muscle tone:
Firm; (Many) puppies stand upright at three weeks with normal tone and postural reflexes. (Many) puppies walking and running by 4 weeks. Note: Many smaller breeds take as much as a week or more longer to be up and running about.
Eyes open: 10-16 days.
Visual perception: Absent less than three weeks. Present at four weeks.
Hearing: By three weeks.
Hyperkinesia (activated sleep/body twitching): Normal at one to three weeks. Disappears after four weeks.

ANTIC, Decemberh 2001

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