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Posted 10/17/04


When photographing your Norfolk, it is important to remember that, in almost every case, close up shots are preferable to those where dogs and people are someplace in the distance. While shots of scenery have their place, our short little terriers are easily lost in the background.

The camera also has a way of picking up every detail. Thus, sometimes when dogs are in glorious coat, photographs end up showing each and every hair that is just a little out of place. Taking pictures when your dogs are just growing coat sometimes works out better than waiting until they are in full bloom.

It is also unrealistic to snap just a shot or two and to expect success. The professionals often shoot many rolls of film before getting a "keeper". Of course, with the new digital photography it is easy to manipulate the results. But, for those of us with "old fashioned" cameras, it's a good idea to start with extra rolls of film, plus some behind the scenes helpers to help things go smoothly.

Please note that photos submitted electronically for inclusion in ANTIC must be at least 1050 pixels wide in order to be reproduced. Be sure to include identification of the dog and any people included in the photo. Also see Contacting ANTA.

ANTIC, September, 2004


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