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Posted 12/18/97



With the advent of computerized communications, there is more and more information being shared across the nation and around the world. This may be good, when the information is timely and accurate, or bad, when the information is hearsay, mistake filled, or just plain incorrect. A reminder to all who communicate electronically is to label as opinion anything that cannot be backed up by fact ... and to read everything with a healthy dose of skepticism.

This brings us to the question of Internet etiquette. Before giving out complete names, addresses and phone numbers of Norfolk owners and/or breeders electronically, it is proper to ask each individual whether or not they want this information given out indiscriminately. Although many breeders may welcome far flung inquiries, others prefer to operate locally, through word of mouth and direct referral. Some breeders are simply not interested in shipping dogs across the country and prefer not to be bothered by inquiries from folks thousands of miles away. this is particularly true when return phone calls are necessary, often at considerable expense.

Remember, not everyone wants to be on the information super highway. Some prefer to travel by foot or bicycle. Before you broadcast and ANTA member's name ... ask permission first.


ANTIC, June 1996


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