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Posted 08/29/02


In 1995, Molly became my first Norfolk Terrier and from that point on I was "hooked". She is a loving dog who needs to be in your face all the time. The only exception is when I have to compete with a squirrel. I always lose out.

In 1999, Jack joined the family. He is my shadow. We take long walks together every day. He has a different personality he just watches Molly bark at the squirrels, however he protects the property from strangers, does tricks (so cute because he is a southpaw) and is just a true love.

They are a great pair and what one does not think of doing, the other one does. Never a dull moment. Coming home to both Molly and Jack is a pure delight each day, especially when they start talking to me, and our evenings are always spent together Molly cleaning Jack's ears and eyes and then we can settle down.

They have both brought delight and love into our house and also the fact that I would have difficulty without a Norfolk Terrier by my side.

Mollie and Jack checkin' out those squirrels


Debbie McMahon
ANTIC, June, 2002


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