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Posted 01/19/09

Letter to ANTIC ...

Dear Editor:

I received some very sad news Monday evening, June 2, and wanted to share it with you. A year and a half ago my bitch, Winnie, had her first litter of three puppies. I kept one (Mattie) and the other two went to wonderful families. Tragically, one of the families who live in the Oakland Piedmont Hills in California lost their little Maggie in an accident that Monday (the 2nd).

Maggie was in one part of their gated yard and somehow got near the husband's car when he was backing it out of his driveway. They raced to the nearby vet, but Maggie died along the way. I haven't been able to stop crying because I know how much they loved the dog and the dog loved them, the circumstances of the accident, the guilt the husband is feeling, and the grief they are going through with their children. It is amazing, because I know this type of accident happens all too often. I know and have heard of four people this has happened to!

Never underestimate our little Norfolk Terriers. They are so inquisitive and adventuresome which makes it extremely important to know where they are at all times and have them leashed when out and about! It takes a moment to account for their whereabouts which would prevent this type of accident from happening to your little Norfolk(s).

I hope you will pass this information on to other Norfolk owners so this type of tragic accident does not happen to anyone else.

Gayle Negren
Fairwood Norfolks
San Jose, CA
ANTIC, September, 2008


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