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Posted 09/15/10

Live to Run Again … A Cautionary Tale

Although founded following the death of an agility competitor, the charity Live to Run Again has a lesson for anyone who has driven a car when they were tired … a perfect description of those of us who travel to dog events and often head home after very long days.

In April of 2001, an exhibitor named Jane Callaghy died when her husband fell asleep at the wheel when they were driving home from an agility competition.

Tom Callaghy’s message is this, “Drowsy driving is not hard to prevent; people just need to know what to do.  If I knew what I know now, Janie would still be alive.”

Some warning signs that you are too tired to continue driving are –
- you have trouble focusing, keeping your eyes open, or your head up
- you start rubbing your eyes or blinking frequently
- you can’t stop yawning
- your mind wanders or your have disconnected thoughts
- you can’t remember driving the last few miles; you miss exits or traffic signs
- you drift out of your lane or hit a shoulder rumble strip
- you feel restless, irritable or aggressive

Visit the website for valuable tips that will help you have a happy and safe trip whenever and wherever you drive.

ANTIC, June 2010

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