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Posted 02/24/03

December, 1986 -- April, 2002

Lovingly called Emma, she was a wonderfully giving dog and we are heartbroken to have lost her. She had three litters, nine puppies in all, who made their owners happy to have them. Luckily, we still have Amba to remind us of her. Emma won numerous prizes and ribbons in her younger years and she had a long life because she was enormously strong and survived several near fatal accidents, such as breaking through the ice when chasing a duck on a frozen pond and having near misses with automobiles.

Emma loved the outdoors, chasing after all moving creatures; she liked to swim and watched over our little house in Dutchess County. She did not like being driven in the car, which made her sick, but didn't mind walking for hours even in heavy rain or snowfall. She was a real country girl, with character and poise. We shall always remember her with love.

Elfriede Janitschek
ANTIC December, 2002

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