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Posted 02/20/02

May 22, 1990 -- July 20, 2001

Sydney blessed our lives with affection, sunshine, and joy for eleven unforgettable years. He was the personification of love, generous with kisses to his final moments. A brother of Ch. Ruddle Ridge Nelson's Victory, Sydney was dubbed "Firecracker" by the late Nancy Patchen who gave us the precious gift of a spirited, inquisitive, intelligent, warmhearted, and beautiful companion.

Sydney accrued an impressive vocabulary and had a deep sensitivity for the feelings of others. He loved playing soccer and find-the-toy, gnawing carrots, opening gifts, treeing squirrels and squeaking his stuffed animals. He helped by lying on the blankets when we made the bed and by supervising workmen who entered his kingdom. His greatest delights were walking through town to greet his many human and puppy friends and riding through the countryside to see llamas and peacocks strolling, goats leaping, a red fox hiding, or a horse rolling in the dust. An ever-present sentinel at his window, Sydney saved the day when his barking warned of a parked truck drifting imperceptibly down into an intersection. During the evening our diminutive hero was cradled in our laps and in the night nestled between us on the bed. Sydney was, as Edith Wharton wrote, "My little dog a heartbeat at my feet."

Sydney's gentle spirit lingers yet in our home and forever in our hearts. For his beautiful, loving soul we pray, "May God raise you up on eagle's wings, make you shine like the sun, and hold you in the palm of His hand. Memory Eternal." Sydney, we love you. You were a grand dog!

John and Anna Zimmerman
ANTIC, December 2001


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