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Posted 10/14/99



MARCH 25, 1999

Sheila Monckton, of Jericho fame died at Amesbury, England on March 25th, 1999. She was 89. A pioneer Norwich breeder and staunch champion of the breed, her studs Jericho Ring Leader and Jericho Poacher were influential sires at Oakley and Pemberton Kennels in this country.

In Norwich Terriers USA, 1936 - 1966 by Joan Read and Constance Larrabee, Mrs. Monckton's appreciation for good, solid working terriers is expressed: "The Norwich by virtue of his character and temperament is a great companion. Given the opportunity, they make splendid workers whether killing rats or going to ground for rabbits, fox or badger. It is hoped that they never lose this side of their character."

Our condolences to her family.

ANTIC, September, 1999


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