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Created 01/30/99

May 14, 1983 - November 3, 1998
(Am./Eng. Ch. Daffran Dusty x Jasmin Jones' Grey Sage)

Jaunty, devoted and mellow, Sol gained friends and admirers with his upbeat, inventive antics in the obedience ring. Outside the ring he was an ardent fisherman, canoeist, hiker, gardener and companion. I felt for the salmon fisherman whose embarrassment at having hooked a log was compounded by Solomon, who saw the bent rod and waded over, eager to wrestle with a BIG one.

Sol enjoyed the sunshine and warmth of this long 1998 Fall and went on his way as the gardens were frosted and the moon was full. Kae Reiley rightly said, "A trained dog is a joy forever."

Peter and Pru Read
ANTIC, December, 1998


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