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Created 11/17/98

MARCH 17, 1988 - JANUARY 30, 1998

Born in our house, the daughter of Wenwagon Skylark (Emma), Millie was most deserving of her name and brought sunshine into our lives for almost ten years. She loved hunting and would lie in wait for many hours. She liked the country life best, but was also at home in the city. She was most affectionate and loved to be stroked, pushing you with her paws for more.

She was very friendly, even with strangers and only frightened of thunder. She survived some big disasters, like running into a car and flying some 20 feet in the air ... but coming out unscathed. Or, running on the frozen pond in Central Park, only to start sinking in the middle and having to be coaxed to the other side.

She loved her dog family ... Bertie, the stepfather; Emma, her mother, and Amba, her stepsister ... so much that a treat like going for a walk alone would backfire as she would always look for the others. She had the sweetest bark and held the pack together. She would hunt with Emma and run with Amba and sleep on the sofa with Bertie. She excelled as a foster mother for Emma's puppies ... laying in the whelping box and licking them and later watching over them as they were starting to run around. We are sorry that she could never have her own.

And now, she is gone, her little grave under the tree. We all miss her so; our Sunshine is no more.

Elfriede Janitschek
ANTIC, September, 1998

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