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Posted 07/22/07


Submitted by Michael Claggert

Paris 20 Janvier. Cet aujourd'hui Lucky Luke (aka Luc dog, nee Luc Skywalker) est parti laterre pour d'autres aventures ... bon voyage Lucky!

Such a valiant, courageous, independent magical dog ... si plein de character. For 12 ½ years, we have had such amazing adventures together. Traveling between NYC and the Hamptons, back and forth to Paris (17 times), South of France, Biarritz, Barcelone, Sitges. Lucky, our ever faithful companion and intrepid explorer each in our different worlds. Ever curious and lover of life, you captivated and charmed us all.

We see you now running down the beach chasing a ball, hanging out in a café, observing the world, playing, digging, exploring, going to parties, meeting your fellow animals ... making us smile, making us humans human.

Lucky Luke tu es dans nos coeurs ... et dans non souvenits. Merci pour ce magnifique voyage que tu nous as donne'.

Bon voyage aux etoiles!

Michael et Philippe

Lucky was a lucky dog, indeed. Although he succumbed to cancer at age 12½ , leaving his best friends Michael and Philippe to mourn his passing, he led an exciting trans-Atlantic life we all might envy. Bon-voyage little one.

ANTIC, March, 2007


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