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Posted 02/22/98

1984 - 1997

A daughter of Surrey Spanker and Allright Magic Lantern and bred by us, Binnie should have been called Wilma Rogers. She never met a person she didn't like. The tail -- too long (mea culpa) -- was the fastest wagger in the canine household. One word and the air would "thrum". She was a jaunty Norfolk, enjoying life to the hilt. A great traveller. A mellow little companion. She went through life with a splendid outlook. She thought the world was her oyster and she the pearl. Binnie was beyond price. She died on a fishing trip with us after a busy day on the stream. She put her head on her paws and someone tapper on the shoulder and said, "time to go." How we miss her.

Nancy Lindsay, Lime Tree
ANTIC, December 1997


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