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Posted 04/21/02

March, 1999 - December, 2001

Kitkat entered our lives when she was one and blessed our house for a year and a half before leaving this earth while still a teenager. A bowlegged, red-haired imp, Hevan's Kitkat was a talker who never failed to let us and her sire, Ch. Allright Mackenzie, know exactly where we all stood in her mind. Were we late to take her for walks or at dinner time and whenever we came home, Kitkat's confident, impatient commentary enlivened and brightened everything.

Coming home to Kitkat was always a much anticipated, noisy delight. The things that we loved the most and remember best were her playfulness, that she always took over our chair when we got up and the weekend mornings when she rolled on our bed and carefully but thoroughly cleaned her sire's ears and eyes.

When we sat together in a favorite chair, her gentle growls would put us on notice that this was her place as well. She could sleep anywhere and in the most unusual positions. Kitkat we hardly knew you.

David and Hedy Rehfuss
ANTIC, March 2002

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