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Posted 07/26/06

In Memoriam ...

ANTA Notes the Passing of Pioneering Breeder and Norfolk Fancier, Joy Taylor

The morning of April 18, 2006 brought news of the passing of one of the breed's icons, Joy Taylor. Funeral services were held at Berrow Church, near Joy's home, Standhall Cottage.

Elisabeth Matell, writing on the English Norfolk Terrier Club's website wrote: "With the death of Joy Taylor of the world famous Nanfan Norfolk Terriers an era has come to an end. For the last 50 years the closely bred Nanfans have shaped the breed, stamping their distinctive type on their progeny not only in Britain with 39 Nanfan champions, but in the US, Scandinavia, Holland, Germany, Italy and Australia.

"Joy died suddenly in Gloucester hospital only three weeks before her 84th birthday. I am sure that all her hundreds of friends all over the world would say that to know Joy was not only to respect her but also to lover her and certainly never forget her."

Joy Taylor was a gracious hostess to visitors from abroad, and she was a delightful guest when she traveled Stateside.

When visiting with her in 1983, I mentioned having just read Bruce Chatwin's "On the Black Hills", the story of twin brothers born and raised in Wales. With that, she hustled my traveling companion and me into her car, and took us on a memorable, whirlwind afternoon tour of the nearby Welsh countryside.

Such was her graciousness and personality and this is one of the reasons she will be missed by all who knew her. ANTA sends condolences to Joy's family and friends, worldwide.

ANTIC, June, 2006


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