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Posted 06/14/10

ANTA Notes Passing of Long-

Time Friend and Supporter Everett Anderson

ANTA lost a good friend over the Memorial Day weekend. But if there is any justice in this world, then Everett Anderson has gone to the place where all good ‘dog people’ go. He is sitting comfortably with some of the Anderscroft Labradors, including old Tucker and the incomparable Bravo. He’s got Norfolks gamboling at his feet, with Tamale demanding a greater share of the attention than Dickens or Abby or any of the others. Everett was the husband of ANTA Treasurer and Club store manager Jane Anderson. He was the father of three and a grandfather. He loved to have a boat in the water and a fish on the end of the line. He kept the grounds at Pequotsepos Road in Mystic in pristine condition, all the better to host an ANTA event or visitors from abroad.

Quiet and unassuming, but with a twinkle in his eye and an infectious laugh, Everett was a founding member of ANTA. He certainly did as much for our club as anyone ever has … and quite possibly, more. Probably the larger portion of our current membership had never met him, but rest assured, without his support ANTA wouldn’t be the club it is today. Over the years, Everett built more equipment, hauled more hay bales, toted more merchandise for the club store, ran more flat racing competitions and provided more moral support than one human being should be called on to do. There was more than one event that Jane was able to attend because ‘Ev’ stayed home to baby sit a new litter of Labrador or Norfolk puppies.

He loved his family and he loved his dogs. He was a fine ‘dog man’ and a good friend of ANTA. We thank Jane for ‘sharing’ Everett with us all these years and extend our sincere condolences.

ANTIC, June, 2009

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