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Posted 07/22/07



How could one small red dog be so sweet, stubborn, feisty, loving, fearless, faithful and so down right aggravating? That was Ollie, the best dog I ever had the pleasure and honor to have as a partner.

He came to me when he was two years old and quite full of himself. Our partnership had a very rocky start to say the least, but neither one of us gave up. With encouragement, patience, help from my Norfolk friends, blood, sweat and lots of tears, we learned to respect and trust each other.

Ollie and I had some great times and some discouraging times as we worked and played through obedience, earthdog, agility, and tracking venues. He was at his happiest when hunting. When he would come out of a hole covered and filled with dirt, he would just sparkle and shake with excitement. Now this was what he was meant to do.

Through his hard work, Ollie received the NNTC's Versatility Dog Award for 2001, the Versatility Excellent Award and the Clean Run Trophy for 2005. He was ranked in Front and Finish for his obedience work and was in the top three Norfolks for agility during his whole career.

Ollie was invited to the first AKC Agility Invitational this past December and I was just so proud of all he had done for me. Through him I was introduced to a whole new world.

Peggy Metcalf
ANTIC, March, 2007

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