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Posted 02/24/03

October, 1991 -- October, 2002

Max, our beloved Norfolk Terrier, passed away after a valiant battle with mitral valve disease. He was our first Norfolk and will always have a special place in our hearts. He embodied all of the best qualities of a Norfolk and was a special dog who touched everyone that he met. Max was scheduled for open heart surgery to repair his valve on November 13th. Unfortunately, his heart failed him two weeks prior to his scheduled surgery.

Even the most basic activities of our day were enhanced by the presence of Max. He was enthusiastic about everything he did and his joy was contagious. We traveled frequently with him and his "charm and good looks" often ensured us a room upgrade! He loved to hike, accompanying us while we went snowshoeing, and he was a tireless shopper and gallery-hopper. It wasn't unusual to see Max surrounded by five women in Nordstrom's shoe department, scratching his back while he was smiling and wagging his tail.

Max, you were a devoted companion and we will always love you. You are sorely missed.

Judy and Tom Pecsok
ANTIC December, 2002

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