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Posted 07/22/07


11/13/94 - 11/25/06

Beezer was born November 13, 1994, the offspring of Ch. Nanfan Culver and Ch. Ginger and Pickles O'Sandpiper.

I will never forget the phone call from Vallie Beckwith announcing that "puppies are here". Our family was so excited. This was our first time "adopting". After researching breeds, calling vets and calling local breeders, we finally had our new addition to the family. This started what was to be a (almost) twelve-year love affair with the best and most beautiful little boy anyone could ever hope for.

Beezer was indeed a true champion. He earned his championship on May 5, 1998 with the help of handler Tom Natalini. Anyone that ever met Beezer knew what a great pup he was. Wherever we would go, whether it was Peapack-Gladstone (our home) or New Hope, PA or the San Francisco Bay Area, where we eventually moved, people would stop me and ask what breed of dog he was and then comment on how gorgeous he was. Beezer loved adults and little kids. He could "do" without other dogs, but eventually opened up his heart to his new Norfolk "sister" Penny. Then last year we added a Norwich puppy named Scout. Always remaining the alpha dog, he was kind to both of them, but they knew who the boss was.

Beezer loved to take long walks, ride in the car, and listen to music. He always kept us company while we cooked our dinners. I suppose he was hoping we would drop some treats for him. And he always knew what time it was. You could set a watch by him ... especially his night time cookie treat time: 8 PM SHARP!!!!

Sadly, in March, Beezer was diagnosed with bladder cancer. With medication and lots of love, he enjoyed another seven months in the Kolanko household. After celebrating his twelfth birthday, and enjoying Thanksgiving with the entire family together, Beezer crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Thankfully, he is no longer in any discomfort.

Life is not the same without our Beezer; I will miss his little face, his quivering tail, his velvet ears, his kisses and his friendship. He was truly my "best friend".

Debbie Kolanko and family
ANTIC, March, 2007


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