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Posted 10/23/00


Charlie was a compassionate and loving little guy who brought happiness to my husband and me and joy to all family members. There was not a mean bone in his body and when he died recently of heart disease his legions of fans were deeply saddened.

When my older canary died, a new canary named Goldie took up residence in our condo. Charlie and Goldie had a wonderful relationship. Goldie would sing to the music played on Public Radio ... particularly Mozart ... and Charlie would lean against the `fridge' and listen to this heavenly sound. They carried on this relationship until the very end of Charlie's life. The night that his life came to a gentle close, Goldie stopped singing. He knew someone was missing.

Goldie is still somewhat lost. His singing is not as robust any more. But I will always remember these two friends and the way they enjoyed each other's gifts.

One night several years ago Charlie stood still as a statue, facing the curtained sliding doors in the living room which lead outside to the deck. In the morning, I discovered that there had been bears out near the bird feeders. Charlie had used good Norfolk sense ... he'd kept is mouth shut! I was able to warn neighbors to be careful at night and they thanked Charlie for his diligence.

Charlie will be sadly missed by everyone who knew him. He brought such joy to my husband Ted and me.

Anne Lewis
ANTIC, September, 2007

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