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Posted 04/21/02

Capstone's Honey Bear "Alyssum"
1988 - 2001

Capstone's Honey Bear, known to those who loved her as Alyssum, died a few months short of her fourteenth birthday on December 13, 2001. A Norfolk Terrier of noble birth and elegant disposition, she died in our arms at 9:15 a.m. The past seven months she suffered from congestive heart failure slowing her from the friendly-to-all-but-rodents dog, first greeter of any who came to our door, to sedentary old lady even tolerating chipmunks on the bird feeder.

Though she was California born, Alyssum flourished in Vermont where stone walls, moles, voles, mice, snakes, chipmunks and badgers aroused her instinct as a consummate ratter. In the fall, when the nights grew cold and mice moved indoors, she took up relentless patrol of the house. The cat would tease and play with mice, but Alyssum dispatched them in a single gulp.

Blayney and Lacey Colmore
ANTIC, March 2002

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