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Posted 03/20/01

Barbara Fournier Remembered; AKC Petitioned to Retire Bethway Kennel Name

Mrs. Holly P. Bostwick, niece of the late Barbara Fournier, has written to ANTA's members and friends in order to provide an update on activities following Bobby's death.

Dear ANTA Members:

I want to thank you all for your kind words and donations in memory of my aunt, Barbara S. Fournier (Bobby). It has helped me to know how much she was cared for by her Norfolk family.

I also thought that you might like an update on things here in Santa Fe. Ch. Bearwood Fennel ("Biscuit") and Bethway's Miss Santa Fe ("Fe") are living with Bobby's dear friend, Russ McFadden, in Espanola, NM. "Biscuit" was 14 on September 2nd and is enjoying a life of retirement. With five Whippets, an Ibizan Hound and "Fe" in the house, all she has to do is watch the goings on and put in her two cents worth once in awhile. "Fe" is the smallest of the group, but certain that she is, and should be, the center of attention. Both of "The Girls" are happy and doing well.

After having spent a few months in Colorado with Linda Vaughn, Ch. Bethway's Carlos came home to Santa Fe and is living with my family. My husband, Gene, and I share our home with our 12 year old Border Terrier, "Yankee", two cats, "Kate" and "Spencer", and "Carlos". It amazed us both how quickly they all adapted to each other; there have been no scratched noses or chewed up kitties. "Carlos" is as spoiled as the others and spends much of his time at my side, when he isn't chasing mice - real or imagined!

One question I have been asked regarding "Carlos" concerns his availability as a stud. He is now 6½ years old and I'd be very happy to have him used as a stud with approved bitches. Though I will not ship him anywhere, I am open to other arrangements. Due to concerns about cancer (in un-neutered males) and his overall health, my vet has told me that it would be advisable to have him neutered in a year or so and I plan to do that. Please feel free to contact me if your are interested in using him at stud. (Ed. Note: Mrs. Bostwick's e-mail address is

Through the NNTC, I have requested that the AKC retire the "Bethway" kennel name. It was Bobby's for 50 years and derived from the name of the road she lived on for the first 52 years of her life, so I am hopeful that this request will be honored.

Having distributed many items to her friends as mementos, I finished moving things out of Bobby's house, and into an 8' x 10' shed, in mid-June. I have many boxes of papers, old trophies, and photos to sort through. Some of this will find its way to ANTA, I am sure. In mid-August, Bobby's very dear friend, Jill Valadez, moved into the house with her family, including two Giant Schnauzers and two Dachsies. This would have made Bobby very happy because it means keeping her home "in the family."

I hope that this finds you all well,

Holly P. Bostwick
December, 2000


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