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Posted 07/02/00

02/28/84 - 03/17/99
(Ch. Chidley Mumbo Jumbo x timmins Tansy Ragwort)


I like to remember Bertie as the most loyal and loving companion I ever knew. As a puppy he traveled with me throughout Europe and enjoyed sitting in an open sports car. I took him everywhere and smuggled him into palaces, hotels and even crypts. He never left my sight; his eyes followed my every move. He won first prize in ANTA's housedog class, which was appropriate, as he was the leader of the pack. He sired four lovely puppies and looked after many more.

He was so special that words fail me. He died in his 15th year, having survived heartworm disease, food poisoning and many other illnesses. To the very end he was beautiful. His loyalty was so complete that when one day he had to be taken by a dog-walker as I was ill, he escaped and crossed Fifth Avenue from Central Park, ran home and entered the elevator to be taken back to me. I miss him.

Elfriede Janitschek
ANTIC, December, 1999


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