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Posted 02/23/04


Ch. Aberschan Coriander
01/21/91 -- 10/18/03

Arigna My Black Hen
09/07/88 -- 09/30/03

It was September 21st of this year when we decided to take pictures of our two old ones for this year's Christmas card. Who would have guessed that in less than a month they would both cross that Rainbow Bridge.

We never knew we could know such grief. Every day we cry and smile and remember all the joyous things they brought to our lives.

Sophie, our first Norfolk, the matriarch of the family. Our "Rutabaga", as we nicknamed her, did all the wonderful things a good Norfolk should do. She made that most beautiful gurgling talking sound when she wanted your attention, or for that matter, just a biscuit. She smiled for us and any visitors all the time. She watched television with her nose and paws right up on the screen. Not only did she love tennis matches and all the animal shows, but was also quite fond of Headline News. Sometimes we had to forcibly remove her from the television so we could watch the show.

As she grew older, we made her promise us 15 good years. She held her end of the deal -- 15 years and 23 days. To this day I can still feel those sweet nose kisses that only she could give.

Eighteen short days after we lost her, our dear boy Andy, Sophie's first born son, succumbed to a swift bout with cancer while we held him, cried, and told him it was OK to go now, though deep down we would have given anything for him to stay just a while longer.

Andy, our "Buddy", Jimmy C's constant companion. Forever in the same room, sleeping at his feet, following him in the garden, sneaking greed beans and tomatoes as they were picked. His faithfulness went beyond companionship; his devotion, beyond love. Who could ever forget the day, at six months of age, when he showed up at the back door, sat at Jimmy's feet, and released a baby bunny he brought to his Dad -- totally unharmed and unmarked the bunny hopped away. Such a gentle and sweet guy ... his time was much too short with us.

They will both forever remain in the warmest corners of our hearts.

Jim Covey and Jim Zabawa
ANTIC, December, 2003

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