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Posted 11/14/05


Love in the Mist

Amba died on April 2, 2005. She was 15 years old, the daughter of our beloved Bertie (Chidley Ragworth) and Emma (Wenwagon Skylark), and sister of Millie Sunshine. Our 21year ownership of Norfolk Terriers has come to an end. We are lost without her.

This is what our daughter Anja wrote:

"Amba died today. Amba is gone. Amba will never come and greet us again when we come home. She will never sit up and beg ever again. She will not stick her cute little black nose around the corner to see what we are up to and then, reassured that we are okay, will never go and snuggle in her box anymore.
Amba won't leap up and down in the kitchen in the hope of getting yet another biscuit or liver bit, and Amba will never dash out of the kitchen with a carrot in her mouth.
Amba won't be coming to sit next to the television set and look at us Mournfully when the clock strikes eleven and we've not yet taken her out on her evening walk yet. And Amba won't come and wake us up in the morning so that she can get her breakfast in the park.
We won't hear the flap of the dog door anymore as that independent little soul dashes out to chase an unfortunate chipmunk and lays siege to it for patient hours on end.
But Amba will always, always be with us in hour hearts and in the uncountable happy memories that we have of her life with us. Tiny little Amba perched on a rock on top of the Mont St. Victoire; Amba, her ears flapping in the open topped car; Amba sitting up to look out at the road ahead and leaning into the curves in the jeep; Amba padding along the cobble-stone streets of Vienna. Amba always and everywhere . . . just being Amba."

Elfriede Janitschek
ANTIC, September, 2005

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