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Posted 08/31/08


Aberchan Nutmeg of Ciconia
01/21/1991 - 07-06-2007

Ch. Aberschan Gilbert And
09-22-1998 - 09-26-2007

Sadly, we lost both of our beloved Norfolks to cancer this year. First, our little Meg was found to have a large mass on her liver in late June and succumbed a few weeks later. Tough as nails to the end, she only seemed sick the last few weeks of her life.

Meanwhile, Gilbert had been in discomfort on and off throughout the summer and finally an ultra sound in late July revealed a tumor in his spleen. The following splenectomy was successful, but the biopsy diagnosis was grim histiocytic sarcoma a uniformly fatal cancer more often found in Bernese Mountain Dogs and Flat Coated Retrievers. We kept him with us as long as he could bear the pain, and then made the even more painful decision, for us, to end his struggles.

Meg and Gilbert were great Norfolk characters and important members of our family. They gave us great joy for many years. Meg lived with us from the time our youngest child was in high school and continued to keep us company into our "empty nest" years. She went to and from England with us, enduring the dreaded quarantine without complaint. Her favorite pastimes were insulting larger dogs on our evening walks, and fishing from the raft during her 15 summers at Lake Washinee, near Salsbury, CT.

Gilbert, a great "showman" in his youth, was breeder-owner handled by his co-owner (with Jimmy Zabawa) Jim Covey, to #3 Norfolk Terrier in 2001. The handsome father of champions, he was a cheerful dog and loved to chase squirrels and chipmunks, although he was very disappointed never to catch one! At one of our homes he had a favorite stump that he tried diligently to excavate. He, too, enjoyed the summers at the lake.

They have left a great void, but we have so many happy memories. We are especially grateful to Jim Covey and Jim Zabawa for sharing these exceptional dogs with us.

Anne and Dick Labouchere
Warwick, Rhode Island

ANTIC, December, 2007

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