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Posted 02/01/09


Aberschan Mimi
October 9, 1993 -- November 24, 2008

It's been five years since we've had to write a memoriam about one of our beloved Norfolks. At that time we had lost both Mimi's mother and brother, Sophie and Andy. We had made Sophie promise to give us a good 15 years on this earth, and she did. She gave us 15 years and 23 days. Mimi then became our oldest living Norfolk and we made her promise us the same thing. Never one to be outdone, especially by her mother, she happily gave us 15 years and 46 days.

Mimi, or more affectionately known as Missy Mims, was our most `cat like' and independent Norfolk. `Mimi come here and sit on my lap.' Mimi: `I'll come and sit BY you, maybe, when I'm damned good and ready to, and not right now. I have some sniffing around to do. Oh, do you have some food? All right, maybe I'll saunter over and see if maybe you have something to offer me in exchange for my affections. I'll be there in a minute."

Ah, but when she did decide you were her bestest friend, her kisses and nudging were non stop. In her latter years, the wing back chair in the living room became HER resting place. She was one of those old girls you watched in amazement as she made her bed, scratching non-stop the hand made Iris needlepoint pillow on the chair until it was just right for her to lay on. Of all our dogs, she ALWAYS made herself look the most comfortable.

She was the best mother. Her offspring have made many a Norfolk owner happy beyond belief.

Rest well, old girl. You will remain in the warmest corners of our hearts.

Jim Covey & Jim Zabawa
ANTIC, December, 2008

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