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Posted 02/01/11

Ch. Bethway's Carlos

Carlos ... Bobby's Boy

Ch. Bethway’s Carlos, the face that launched a thousand ANTA stickers and postcards, died June 18, 2010.

Carlos (aka  ‘Los) was Barbara Fournier’s last homebred champion.  He was Bobby’s boy and he traveled all around the country during his show days, but he always came home to her and was with her when she died. ‘Los spent a few months in Colorado at stud, then returned to Santa Fe to live with me, my husband, our Border Terrier, and two cats.

Introducing ‘Los into a home with two cats and12-year-old Yankee was easier than anticipated.   In two days, the gates were down and he was playing with everyone.

Carlos went from being Bobby’s “Boy” to our “Little Man” and quickly established a place in our hearts and home.  He and the cats had an understanding and would play ‘chase’ but never catch one another. Yankee the Border taught him the ropes and he was fast at figuring out where the treats were kept and when they’d be given out.  After Yankee died we brought home Belle, a three month old BT. Carlos helped to train her in the household routines.   He made sure that he got the respect a ‘little old man’ deserved, along with the middle of the couch.

Ch Bethway's Carlos    

As ‘Los aged and lost much of his eyesight and hearing, Belle helped take care of him.  Now, we all look for him but, sadly, the middle of the couch is empty.

Barbara Schilf Fournier was my aunt.  I spent much of my first 18 years at Bethway Kennels and Stables in Bethany, CT.  Kelly and Brigham Young, Bobby’s foundation stock, were my playmates while I was growing up.  I am honored that I was able to play with the last of Bobby’s pups, take care of him into his old age (16 years 4 months) and send him on to her.  Bobby has all of her pups with her now.  I know there is a smile on her face.   

Holly P. Bostwick, Santa Fe, NM

ANTIC, September, 2010

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