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Posted 07/02/00

In the Rush to Embrace the New Millenium . . .


For months and months, the talk has been about the New Millenium, Y2K and what the future holds for us. In dogs, exciting new work has been done on the Canine Genome project. There are now DNA tests for PRA and VonWillibrand's disease. There are more and more "performance events" sponsored by the AKC and other dog-related organizations where we can test the instincts of our favorite breed. The future looks bright, indeed.

However, in the rush to greet the New Year, let's not forget the pioneers who got us this far. Rather than recite the names, I ask you all to turn to chapters one and two in Joan Read's book, The Norfolk Terrier, and read the pages carefully.

Then, as you make your New Year's resolutions, say a silent "thank you" to the pioneer breeders who came before us and resolve to uphold the highest standards of structural soundness and rollicking good temperament as we escort the Norfolk Terrier into the year 2000.

ANTIC, December, 1999


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