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Posted 11/14/05

How's Your Sense of Norfolk History?

Match These Dogs With Their Kennel Names


 Nobleman    Bethway
 Ready    Elve
 Sink or Swim    Nanfan
 Vesper    Jaeva
 Pure Magic    Ragus
 Hardy    Vicbrita
 Matti Brown    Max-Well
 Whipcord    Surrey
 Dusty    Rightly So
 Original Sin    King's Prevention
 And Harry    Mt. Paul
 Jolly Roger    Titanium
 Pooka    Crackshill
 Ringo    Ickworth
 Salad Bernet    Chidley
 Weatherman    Daffran

Answers: (No Fair Peeking):

Nanfan Nobleman; Ickworth Ready: Surrey Sink or Swim; Mt. Paul Vesper; Elve Pure Magic; Crackshill Hardy; Jaeva Matti Brown; Ragus Whipcord; Daffran Dusty; Rightly So Original Sin;And Harry of Titanium; King's Prevention Jolly Roger; Chidley Pooka; Bethway's Ringo; Salad Bernet of Vicbrita; Max-Well's Weatherman


Name the Breeders Behind the Dogs . . . From Yesterday and Today


 Kennel Name
 Bunting    Pinchbeck
 Taylor    Abbedale
 Read    Nanfan
 Fournier    Venerie
 Macfie    Ickworth
 Hazeldine    Arroyo
 Miller    Allright
 Eckert    Chidley
 Corman    Avalon
 Pelletier    Ragus
 White    Colonsay
 Ely    Strathcona
 Beale    Landmark
 Hinsch    Max-Well
 Coleman    Vicbrita
 Dum    Bethway


Bunting-Ragus; Taylor-Nanfan; Read-Chidley; Fournier-Bethway; Macfie-Colonsay; Hazeldine-Ickworth; Miller-Max-Well; Eckert-Abbedale; Corman-Landmark; Pelletier-Avalon; White-Vicbrita; Ely-Pinchbeck; Beale-Venerie; Hinsch-Allright; Coleman-Strathcona; Dum-Arroyo

ANTIC, September, 2005


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