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1. Snap a 6-foot leash to your puppy's collar.
2. Put your belt through the loop on the leash.
3. Where you goeth, so goeth the puppy.
4. Supervise the puppy at all times.
5. Roll up a newspaper and keep it with you at all time.
6. Take the puppy outside on a leash first thing in the morning, after eating, after playing, after napping, anytime you see the puppy prowling, sniffing, or scratching . . . and about every hour in between. Encourage her to "Go Potty!"
7. When the puppy pees or dumps, praise her *BIG TIME* ( until the neighbors come to take you away) and then play ball or some other fun game for a little bit. (The message to the puppy: "First I go potty, then I get to play!")
8. If the puppy doesn't do anything productive in 15 minutes or so, take her inside and crate her for a hour in the same room you're in, then take her outside again. Take her outside sooner if you hear her whining.
9. The ONLY time your puppy should be in the crate is at night, if you bring her inside after a nonproductive potty run, or if you just cannot supervise her personally (e.g., you need to take a shower).
10. If at ANY time you find a surprise puddle or poop on the floor, get your rolled newspaper. HIT yourself over the head 3 times and say "Baaaaaaaad Owner . . . I forgot to watch my dog!"

Follow this program and I can guarantee that the puppy will be housetrained. It won't be this week, or probably for several weeks more, and yes, the burden is on you . . . This works with puppies, or with older dogs . . . you just have to take the time to help the dog learn good habits.

Sue Matthews
ANTIC, September, 1998
Printed with permission of the author


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