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Posted 05/30/98


Illustration by Elizabeth Matell

Use the following procedure every six to nine months to keep your Norfolk's coat manageable.

  1. Brush the coat with a stiff bristle brush, then comb with a coarse comb and then a fine comb.
  2. Pull out the dead hair on the whole body, and if you must, thin the coat on belly with thinning shears.
  3. Pull the dead hair on forequarters, hindquarters and legs.
  4. Pull dead hair on throat, chest and neck.
  5. Pull dead hair on top of head, checks, and muzzle. Leave slight eyebrows and beard.
  6. Pull dead, wispy hair from outside and inside ears.
  7. Pull dead hair from tail; trim the underside if too difficult to pull.
  8. Trim hair around rectal area and genitalia.
  9. Trim hair around and under feet and between pads.
  10. Cut the toenails.
  11. Bathe dog, rinse well and dry with towel and blow dryer. Use comb or slicker to make the coat lay down.
  12. Pull any obviously wispy hair after drying.


ANTIC, Spring, 1984


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