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Posted 10/17/04


As an owner of a purebred dog, there have never been more opportunities for you to enjoy your relationship with your favorite canine companion. Here in the northeast, we are particularly blessed as we head towards autumn. There's the upcoming Montgomery County Kennel Club show and the excitement accompanying the obedience, agility and earthdog events that surround it. Then, we head off to ANTA's Fall Festival in upstate New York.

As detailed later in this issue of ANTIC, there are several new performance events that call out for participation, including canine freestyle, flyball, and rally obedience. Agility has never been more popular, and then there are the tried and true endeavors of conformation showing and obedience.

With all these opportunities, however, comes responsibility. Perhaps as we enter the presidential election season it is a good time to think about our responsibilities as citizens ... including our role as members in good standing of various dog clubs and organizations. It seems that as people do more and more things with their dogs, they become less and less inclined to get involved in actually "running the show" ... both literally and figuratively.

Maybe it's time that we all gave back a little to the sports that give us so much pleasure. Don't forget to volunteer, to become active members of local dog clubs, to work for responsible canine legislation and to be involved with the future of the breeds that mean the most to you. There's no time like the present to get involved, to help out, to take your turn ... you'll give back to the sports you love, and you'll have a good time doing it.

Sheila Foran
ANTIC, September, 2004


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