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Posted 05/03/01


George is not a Dachshund. George is a Norfolk Terrier and he plays a major role in Alfred Gingold's recently published dog world and the humans who live there (Broadway Books, February 2005). Although this charming excursion into the world "of dogs" features the author's acquisition of his first Norfolk Terrier, and his subsequent immersion into all things dog-related, the graphic designer at Broadway Books must be a Dachshund fan, or perhaps not a "dog person" at all ("a dog is a dog is a dog, after all.") since the dog gracing the book jacket is clearly not a Norfolk.

Apart from this curious lapse, Gingold's book is replete with discovery. Along the way, his journey is aided and abetted by some familiar faces. George was bred by Kay McKinstry and the author has received input from many folks in the Norfolk world: Barbara Miller, Judith Felton and Richard Reynolds, to name a few. It turns out that the Gingold family has experienced several ANTA events and we hope that George will make himself known at some upcoming soirees, perhaps to stamp his paw print on copies of the book.

Mr. Gingold manages, in just over 200 pages, to touch on a multitude of dog-related issues. Everything from non-AKC Greyhound rescue to doggy day-care, to the rarified atmosphere of Crufts, Westminster and Montgomery gets an often amusing, sometimes puzzled, once-over.

To those of us who routinely fill the dishwasher with dog bowls, step over "baby gates" without breaking stride, and schedule every minute of our vacation time to attend dog-related events, it is something of an eye-opener to realize that yes, some people are obtaining their first dog! The author's willingness to share the trials and tribulations of this experience make for an entertaining read.

Sheila Foran
ANTIC, June, 2005

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