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Posted 07/06/05


A complete DNA sequence of the dog is now available to academic researchers throughout the world. This resource, which was funded by the National Institutes of Health at a cost of over $30 million, renders obsolete all preceding genetic maps of the dog, and creates an entirely new opportunity to tie genes to diseases and traits.

The Center for Veterinary Genetics at the University of California School of Veterinary Medicine is calling for cheek swab samples from distinct populations of dogs with the express purpose of assembling a comprehensive genetic repository that represents all of "dogdom."

If you would like to have your dog contribute to the Norfolk database in this unique biological resource, you may request a sample collection kit by calling 530-752-2211 or by visiting the website Kits are free and include a postage-paid envelope for returning the sample to the laboratory at the Center for Veterinary Genetics. The collection protocol is simple and will take less than five minutes to perform.

(Ed. Note: The fact that Norfolks are not included on the "underrepresented" breeds list means that the DNA from 10 or more dogs is already on file including that of the Folklore Norfolks! The people at the Genetics Lab assure me that they welcome as many samples as they can get to assure that their database is as comprehensive as possible.)

Fleury has donated a sample of her DNA and it didn't slow her down one bit!

ANTIC, March, 2005


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