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Posted 02/22/98


(Ed. Note: Although fluffies make excellent companions, their coats do not conform to that of a working terrier and are not consistent with the Norfolk terrier standard. Thus, they should not be shown in conformation or used as breeding stock.)

A "fluffy" is a Norfolk terrier with a soft mass of cottony hair that makes it look more like a miniature sheepdog than a terrier. the condition is caused by a recessive gene that produces an extremely soft coat. When affected puppies are born, their coats appear very shiny. Coats may appear very dark, as if dipped in ink, or they may be the color of caramel. Until I had the distinct pleasure of producing my own fluffies, I had only read about them in Joan Read's book, The Norfolk Terrier. By six weeks of age, the fact that puppies are detined to be fluffy is indisputable. They just puff right out as if someone had pumped them full of air. The soft hair poses different grooming problems. No stripping on these dogs! They require a timely clipping to keep them tidy. Although they may look like teddy bears, they are all terrier underneath!

Example of a fluffy


Heidi Evans
ANTIC, March 1997


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