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Posted 10/17/04


When we talk about Norfolks, sooner or later the conversation turns to some of the traits that make our breed special. Not all are pleasant. The "Norfolk Screech" comes to mind as an attribute that is not exactly something to encourage.

On a more positive note is the breed's tendency to be avid television watchers. Some are more discriminating in their taste than others ... preferring nature shows and Animal Planet features ... although most will watch just about anything that flickers across the screen.

Another proclivity seems to be the desire to get up high. Showing amazing dexterity and balance, Norfolks love to perch on the backs of the highest couches or armchairs ... all the better to observe the passing scene.

There's also the "Norfolk retrieve" which goes something like this: your dog gets all excited ... you throw the ball ... the dog races after the ball ... the dog then stands there waiting for you to walk over and throw the ball again. This tactic works surprisingly well, thus proving how easily trained most Norfolk owners are!

Kathy Ruttenburg's Norwich, Hazel, and Norfolk, Louie, model some classic poses.

ANTIC, September, 2004


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